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Beautiful Greenwalls

Get close to nature with a beautiful greenwall. Contact us for a no commitment consultation to explore how you can bring vertical gardens into your world.

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What are the benefits of Biophilia?

Biophilic design refers to the use of natural products in the man made environment to allow people to feel closer to nature. 

Biophilia is shown to improve attention, creativity and productivity; support higher levels of creativity; improve learning and cognition; lead to overall increases in happiness. 

Greenwalls are the most efficient way to include biohpilia in your space.

Custom Living Greenwalls

Greenwalls come in all shapes and sizes, can be done indoors or outdoors and use a large variety of plant species.
Visit the custom greenwalls page to find out everything you need to know about Living Greenwalls.

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Moss Walls

The beauty of a moss wall is in its elegance and simplicity. Moss walls are hand made to your specific requirements, look and feel completely natural, and require no maintenance


Pre-Built Living Walls

Get the instant greenwall result without any construction. Freestanding and wall mounted systems are ready to go in minutes


Custom Faux Walls

Get the look of a natural living wall without any maintenance. UV protected and fire rated faux walls are a great solution for many projects


Learn about Living Green Walls

Attend our Free, Online,  Introduction to Greenwalls course.
CEU Credits available for professionals.

Presented online by Award Winning trainer - Jim Woods

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About Us

GrowUp Greenwalls was founded in 2017 with the goal of simplifying and demystifying greenwalls. With many hundreds of installations across most of the United States and Canada we are proud of our progress to date.

The recent addition of moss and faux has broadened our offering and with operations on the West Coast, the Midwest and Florida, supplemented by our partners and qualified installers, we are excited for the future.

  • Downloadable Resources

  • Videos

  • Inspiration Books

  • Partner Program

  • CAD Files

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Everything you need to know about greenwalls.

Downloadable resources include:

- Instructions documents

- Design templates

- Plant recommendations

- Technical specitications, and more..

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Our Video Resources.

Find resource videos in installation, maintenance, installation case studies, etc

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Have a look at our inspiration books

Inspire yourself and your clients with these downloadable inspiration books showing so much of what is possible.

These are ideal to share with clients or business partners or as a reference when briefing your project.

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We love our partners

Find out how you can partner with GrowUp to deliver beautiful greenwall solutions to your clients. Why reinvent the wheel?


Download CAD files to be used in your next project.

Visit our microsite on CAD details to explore all of our resources specifically curated for architects and design professionals.

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Testimonials, what people say?

I love my green wall, I’ve had one previously too. And about to start my journey of an herb wall." 

Our experience with GrowUp was great.  The design process was simple and efficient.  We had an excellent line of communication and response times were quick..."

I have recently purchased your wall system for our chiropractic office and not only have I received numerous comments regarding the aesthetics of the system, I am a believer that everyone needs to have a touch of nature within their space (at home and commercial).”

"Thank you so much again for coming out to personally do our installation. We are beside ourselves at how the greenwall turned out!"

My curator is so impressed with the first wall we have installed, he has decided to let me buy two additional systems for another area in the park."

We installed our first greenwalls within the first month of being appointed in British Columbia. Greenwalls are high fashion and we are incredibly busy”

From Our Blog Thought Leadership

Glossary of Greenwall Terms

Living Wall

A living wall is a wall made up of plants that are grown in a vertical or horizontal orientation. The plants are typically grown in a modular system, such as a tray or pocket, which allows for easy maintenance and irrigation. Living walls can be made up of a variety of plant species, and can be designed to fit the aesthetic of the space. A well planned living wall is very low maintenance although it does need some attention on a regular basis.

Moss Wall

A moss wall is a wall made up of moss that is preserved and then laid out in a vertical orientation. Moss walls can be made up of a variety of moss species, and can be designed to fit the aesthetic of the space. Moss walls are virtually zero maintenance and do not water. Since they are made from preserved moss they do not require additional lighting or watering and are completely self-sustaining.

Faux Green Wall

Faux Green walls are not made of real plants, but of artificial materials such as silk, plastic, or other synthetic materials. They are made to look like living walls but do not provide the benefits of real plants such as improving air quality, creating oxygen and absorbing pollutants.

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