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Moss Walls

Elevate your Professional or Residential Indoor Space with a personalized Moss Wall created for you by our moss artists.

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Key Benefits of Moss Walls


No Maintenance

The preserved moss GrowUp Greenwalls utilizes requires no additional maintenance post-installment.


No Additional Lighting

With no additional lighting required, moss walls are versatile to be placed anywhere indoors.


No Watering

Moss Walls do not need to be watered, reducing maintenance costs.


Flexible Design

With our experts' help, we can create the perfect moss wall for your professional or residential space.

GrowUp Green Walls

The preserved moss GrowUp Greenwalls utilizes does not require additional maintenance post-installation.

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Highly Effective

Residential or professional, you want to create stunning indoor environments. It is now possible to add a gorgeous moss wall to your indoor space. Bring nature indoors with GrowUp Greenwalls easy to install and maintenance-free moss walls.

What is Preserved Moss

Preserved moss is natural moss that is no longer living. The moss we use has been preserved through environmentally-friendly processes to be utilized for moss walls.

Moss Wall Maintenance

GrowUp Greenwalls stunning moss walls thrive in indoor-only environments with no direct sunlight. They should be placed away from heating or air conditioning vents. These moss walls do not require any watering, misting or spraying.

Different Types of Preserved Moss

Most mosses come in several colors including natural, bright green, basil green, dark green, and chartreuse.

Sheet Moss

Mood Moss

Forest Moss

Shag Moss

Pillow Moss

Royal Pool Moss

Spanish Moss

Mountain Moss

Reindeer Moss

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