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Faux Walls

Elevate your Professional or Residential Space with Faux  Green Walls


Key Benefits


Low Maintenance

Faux Walls require little additional maintenance post-installment.


No Additional Lighting

With no additional lighting required, Faux Walls are versatile to be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors.


No Watering

Faux Walls do not need to be watered, simplifying the costs.


Flexible Design

With our experts' help, we can create the perfect Faux Wall for your professional or residential space.

What is a Faux Wall

GrowUp Greenwalls'  Faux Walls, also known as artificial green walls, provide the highest quality and most realistic looking greenwalls for home, in hospitality environments, at work, outdoors or indoors.

GrowUp's artifical green have been researched for best results, rigorously tested and include UV, non-fade green wall technology.

Cost Effective

Residential or professional, you want to create stunning environments. It is now possible to add a gorgeous faux wall to your space. With little maintenance and no watering required, Faux Walls are a cost-effective way to achieve a beautiful environment.

Faux Walls Process

1. Determine the dimensions of the wall to be covered

2. GrowUp will do a detailed panel count and plan

3. Place the order and expect delivery in 4-6 weeks

4. The team arrives on site with all equipment needed for a quick and easy installation

Do you think a Faux Wall is right for you?

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