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Free Standing

Prebuilt Greenwalls & Dividers

These greenwalls ship fully assembled, just hang them on the wall and add plants.


All-in-one greenwall for any environment.

All-in-one greenwalls are the simplest and easiest way to bring beautiful plants and greenery into any environment. At home or at the office, there has never been an easier way to get a perfect, beautiful greenwall.

free standing black green wall

Built in Growlight

The best way to ensure healthy indoor plants is with a growlight that is designed specifically for that purpose.

The built in growlight can be controlled via a smartphone app and set to come on every day and keep your plants healthy

Easy Installation

Minimal set up is required.

The unit ships with all of the components required for a beautiful standalone greenwall or freestanding divider.

The 20 gallon water tank means that no water connection is required.

Instant Effect

With no grow in time required the system holds 70 4-inch plants that will deliver the instant greenwall effect.

Easily change the plants to change the look of the wall.

  • Features

  • Specifications

  • Package Includes

  • Steel construction 

  • Minimal assembly required (system is prebuilt)

  • Holds 4" plant in the nursery pot (no transplanting required)

  • Integrated and automated watering system

  • Built in Grow Light is included to ensure optimal plant health

  • Easy installation

  • Change the plants to change your look

  • Available in white, cream or black powder coating

  • 43" wide by 83" tall by 15" deep

  • Takes 70 4" plants

  • Greenwall system

  • Integrated pump and timer

  • Grow Lights


Trade Discounts

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