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Medical Spaces

Transform your client's medical spaces into vibrant oases of nature with GrowUp's expert greenwall solutions. Elevate the ambiance of spaces and the well-being of patients and staff alike by integrating lush greenery seamlessly into the design. At GrowUp, we specialize in tailoring greenwalls to meet the unique needs of each client and their space. Let us partner with you to bring the rejuvenating power of nature indoors, creating a harmonious environment that promotes healing and wellness.



“All the studies concluded that the subjects had better tolerance for pain with than without plants present.”


Bjørn Grinde & Grete Grindal Patil


Greenwalls offer a myriad of benefits in medical offices and hospitals, contributing significantly to both the physical and mental well-being of patients, staff, and visitors. Lush living vertical gardens act as natural air purifiers, absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen, which can enhance indoor air quality and promote respiratory health, crucial in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. Additionally, the presence of greenery has been shown to reduce stress levels and anxiety, providing a calming and comforting atmosphere that aids in patient recovery and staff productivity. Moreover, green walls introduce biophilic elements into sterile medical settings, connecting individuals with nature and fostering a sense of rejuvenation and healing. Overall, integrating greenwalls into medical facilities not only improves the indoor environment but also promotes holistic healing and well-being.

Living Walls 

  • Living plants add vitality with dynamic growth.
  • Plants naturally purify air, releasing oxygen and filtering toxins.
  • Nature's proximity boosts cognition, uplifts mood, aids healing.

Moss Walls

  • Maintenance-free post-installation.
  • No need for lighting or watering.
  • Independent of electricity and water sources.
  • Expanded design flexibility allows for intricate patterning and options.

Faux Walls

  • Maintenance-free post-installation.
  • No watering or lighting required.
  • Independence from electricity and water sources.
  • Enhanced design flexibility.

Hear From Our Clients

“I have recently purchased your wall system for our chiropractic office and not only have I received numerous comments regarding the aesthetics of the system, I am a believer that everyone needs to have a touch of nature within their space (at home and commercial).”

Beth Juszczyk

GrowUp Reliable Design® Process

Greenwall Benefits

Greenwalls have the power to provide a variety of benefits to patients, staff, and visitors in medical facilities through the known effects of biophilic design. Biophilia is the inherent human desire to be in nature. Bringing natural elements into spaces speeds healing, lowers blood pressure, and promotes calmness.

moss walls

Promotes Healing

It has been again and again that interacting with being surrounded by plants speeds up healing times and improves optimism about health. Interaction with plants "suppress[es the] sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure and promot[es] comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings" (Lee, Ms., Lee, J., Park, BJ. et al.)


doctor's office

Improves Mental Health

Proximity to plants has been associated with improved mood and lower stress levels, benefitting inpatient living spaces. Biophilic design has many mental health benefits that are especially imperative in medical spaces, such as doctor's offices, waiting rooms, and hospitals. 

living plant wall in atrium of cancer treatment center

Humanizes Spaces

Medical facilities can often feel sterile and unwelcoming. Natural elements promote calmness and create a more compassionate space that feels more personal and intentional. Hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, and other medical spaces are frequently places of anxiety. Biophilic design can help to easy some of these negative associations. 

Biophilic Solutions

The GrowUp's Living Wall System employs a tray mechanism enabling direct placement of 4-inch grow pots, eliminating the need for transplanting. This delivers an immediate lush aesthetic without requiring any grow-in period.

Moss Walls offer full customization, crafted to embody various designs using our extensive range of preserved moss textures and colors. With zero maintenance required, preserved moss proves ideal for inaccessible areas.

Our customizable Faux Wall System offers flexibility for tailored designs, ideal for clients seeking a maintenance-free option. Faux plants provide a practical solution for outdoor areas facing challenging weather conditions.

Greenwalls Solutions
Greenwall Support Downloadable Cover

Greenwall Support Downloadable

Access our free support kit that includes our product catalog, brochures, fire-proofing add-on scheduling, spec sheets, and access to ordering a sample box.

Resource Library 


How much maintenance is required for greenwall upkeep?

This depends on the the type of greenwall solution. GrowUp offers three types of greenwalls that offer different benefits to ensure we are able to meet a variety of needs. 

Our living wall systems require some maintenance, as the living plants need water and light to flourish and keep your wall looking great. Our living wall systems make taking care of the plants easy, using automated watering systems that ensure your plants are given just the right amount of water. If you opt out of the automated system, watering is still easy as our drip systems only require you to add water to the top and allow the water to run down into all of the plants. 

Our faux plant walls do not have any maintenance requirements other than the occasional dusting to keep the plants looking vibrant. These walls are great for tough-to-reach locations and outdoor environments with harsh climates. 

GrowUp's moss walls are another maintenance-free solution that have no requirements post-installation. They are also great for indoor spaces that are not easily accessible. 

What can I expect as the timeline for installation?

The GrowUp team guides our clients through the process from start to finish and will ensure you meet your deadlines. We are able to work together with the client to establish a timeline that works with both parties. 


Do I need to have a landscape specialist to look after my wall?

Depending on the type of greenwall chosen, someone may need to be allocated to maintaining the greenwall. Only our living wall systems need maintenance that could be done by the resident landscaper or office manager. 

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