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living wall instruction manual

Detailed Instruction Manual

Download the detailed instruction manual.



living green wall how it works

Detailed "How It Works" Document

This document is a downloadable pdf document explaining how the system works. Download it and share it with colleagues or clients.

plant guide for living green wall

Indoor Plant Guide

This document is a downloadable pdf document with a guide of the plants to use in your indoor wall. Download it and share it with colleagues or clients.


green wall vertical gardening 101 guide

Vertical gardening 101 guide

This eBook is a downloadable pdf, showing you how to create your very own lush green wall.
Download it and share it with colleagues or clients.


greenwall installation guide for living wall

Prepare your wall for greenwall installation

This guide explains the various options for preparing your wall or fence, or creating a freestanding structure for your greenwall installation.


green wall layout guide

Plant Layout Guide

Use this useful template and plant layout tips to design your wall and determine the quantity of each plant needed.




outdoor plant guide for living walls

Outdoor Plant Guide

This guide contains a list of outdoor plants that have been used in Southern California and similar climates. Use as a guide and consult a local professional.


indoor and outdoor plant guide for succulents for living wall

Succulent Plant Guide

Of all the beautiful succulent choices around, this guide covers the tried and tested succulents we have used, predominantly in Southern California



Inspiration Books

outdoor large living wall

Outdoor Greenwalls

Download the outdoor greenwall inspiration book.

indoor large store living wall

Indoor Greenwalls

Download the indoor greenwall inspiration book.

Indoor large moss wall green wall

Succulent Walls

Download the succulent greenwall inspiration book.

Copy of Untitled-3-1

Moss Greenwalls

Download the moss greenwall inspiration book.

Indoor escalator diagonal green living wall

Tall Greenwalls

Download the tallgreenwall inspiration book.

Indoor living and dining space small green wall

Small Walls

Download the small greenwall inspiration book.

Indoor living space small living wall in background

Pre-Built Systems

Download the pre-built systems inspiration book.

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