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Senior Living

GrowUp specializes in helping our senior living architects and designers incorporate greenwalls into their designs to bring the benefits of biophilia to their customers' spaces.


“Contact with nature is a basic human need: not a cultural amenity, not an individual preference, but a universal primary need."


"Contact with nature is a basic human need: not a cultural amenity, not an individual preference, but a universal primary need."


Judith Heerwagen, Ph.D.

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Green walls offer a multitude of benefits that make them particularly advantageous for senior living facilities. These lush installations not only introduce a touch of natural beauty to indoor spaces but also contribute significantly to the well-being of elderly residents. The foliage helps improve air quality by filtering out pollutants and releasing oxygen, creating a healthier environment conducive to respiratory health. Moreover, green walls have been shown to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, fostering a tranquil atmosphere essential for the mental and emotional well-being of seniors. Additionally, they serve as a source of sensory stimulation, engaging residents visually and tactilely, which can be especially beneficial for those with limited mobility or cognitive impairments. Integrating green walls into senior living facilities offers a holistic approach to enhancing the quality of life for older adults, promoting both physical and psychological health in a harmonious indoor environment.

The Best Way to Bring Green Into Your Space

The Best Way to Bring Green Into Your Space

Living Walls 

  • Living plants add vitality and energy with dynamic growth.
  • Plants naturally purify air, releasing oxygen and filtering toxins.
  • Nature's proximity boosts cognition, uplifts mood, and aids healing.

Moss Walls

  • Maintenance-free post-installation.
  • No need for lighting or watering.
  • Independent of electricity and water sources.
  • Expanded design flexibility allows for intricate patterning and options.

Faux Walls

  • Maintenance-free post-installation.
  • No watering or lighting required.
  • Independence from electricity and water sources.
  • Enhanced design flexibility.

Hear From Our Clients

“Our experience with GrowUp was great.  The design process was simple and efficient.  We had an excellent line of communication and response times were quick.  The interior designer had a specific set of plants he wanted to use, and although some of them were not available, GrowUp was able to suggest excellent alternatives.  GrowUp was able to meet our aggressive schedule for the restaurant project.  On site performance from John was very efficient and he kept the area clean.  Also, John called us several times just to follow up and made a site visit twice as well.

Charlie Patton

GrowUp Logo with Greenwalls

Our clients get unbelievable results because we guide them through our Reliable Design® Process. We deliver the highest quality results, working with the client to create unique designs that animate the space. Our clients are guaranteed timely delivery ensuring installation can be complete on schedule and fit seemlessly into the build manager's schedule. 

GrowUp Reliable Design® Process

Greenwall Benefits

Greenwalls are one of the most efficient ways of achieving the benefits of biophilia.

Biophilia is the innate human connection to nature that allows people to feel calmer, heal faster, and work more effectively when surrounded by natural elements. 
person planting a pot plant

Promotes Healing

It has been proven time after time that people who interact with and are surrounded by plants have faster healing times and are more optimistic about their health.

Old Couple sitting on couch in front of living plant wall

Improves Mental Health

Proximity to plants has been associated with improved mood, lower stress levels, and fewer angry outbursts. The mental health benefits of biophilia are unmatched in design elements. Additionally, proximity to plants has been linked to improved sleep quality, reduced feelings of anxiety, and enhanced overall psychological well-being. By surrounding ourselves with nature-inspired elements, we create environments conducive to relaxation and emotional balance. Incorporating biophilic design principles can significantly contribute to creating tranquil spaces that promote mental health and emotional resilience.

living plant wall in outside living space

Humanizes Spaces

Senior living facilities can easily feel sterile and impersonal. The addition of greenery enlivens indoor and outdoor areas, making them more interesting and designed. Natural elements promote calmness and create a cozier space that feels more personal and intentional. 

Implementing Biophilia

The GrowUp Living Wall System utilizes a tray system that allows 4-inch grow pots to be placed directly into the system without being transplanted. This achieves an instant lush effect that doesn't need grow-in time. 

Moss Walls are completely customizable and can be fabricated to depict any design using our vast array of preserved moss textures and colors. Preserved moss does not require any maintenance, making it the perfect solution for hard-to-reach locations. 

Our Faux Wall System is highly customizable, making it a great option for unique designs for clients wanting a maintenance-free option. Faux plants can be an effective solution for outdoor spaces with harsh climate conditions. 

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How much maintenance is required for greenwall upkeep?

This depends on the the type of greenwall solution. GrowUp offers three types of greenwalls that offer different benefits to ensure we are able to meet a variety of needs. 

Our living wall systems require some maintenance, as the living plants need water and light to flourish and keep your wall looking great. Our living wall systems make taking care of the plants easy, using automated watering systems that ensure your plants are given just the right amount of water. If you opt out of the automated system, watering is still easy as our drip systems only require you to add water to the top and allow the water to run down into all of the plants. 

Our faux plant walls do not have any maintenance requirements other than the occasional dusting to keep the plants looking vibrant. These walls are great for tough-to-reach locations and outdoor environments with harsh climates. 

GrowUp's moss walls are another maintenance-free solution that have no requirements post-installation. They are also great for indoor spaces that are not easily accessible. 

What can I expect as the timeline for installation?

The GrowUp team guides our clients through the process from start to finish and will ensure you meet your deadlines. We are able to work together with the client to establish a timeline that works with both parties. 


Do I need to have a landscape specialist to look after my wall?

Depending on the type of greenwall chosen, someone may need to be allocated to maintaining the greenwall. Only our living wall systems need maintenance that could be done by the resident landscaper or office manager. 

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