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GrowUp Partners and Resellers


Ideal for people or companies that are selling furniture, plants or related products and want to add simple greenwalls to their product line

  • Receive marketing collateral
  • Great wholesale discounts
  • Best in class greenwall products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Live technical support

Custom Installer

If you are a Greenwall or construction pro, or want to be one, this program is right for you.

The GrowUp system is the ideal way to install greenwalls with confidence

  • Full technical training
  • Easy to use modular system
  • Remote and on-site support
  • CAD Drawings for projects
  • Proven system in over 500 walls
  • Quick delivery times
  • Walls deliver instant effect for quick wins
  • Build your maintenance business with greenwalls

Independent Sales Rep

If you are a great sales person with experience selling to the design community, come and sell the hottest product on the market today

  • Highly desirable product offering
  • Competitive commissions with bonus structure
  • Unique offering, great for starting conversations
  • Great after market and technical support

Living Greenwalls Are Everywhere
Don't Be Left Behind.

Greenwalls are the "high fashion item" of biophilic design and are being specified into an ever-increasing number of jobs. As a plant professional you cannot afford to be left out of this movement. A competitive, efficient greenwall offering will help you:

Attract new clients
Impress existing clients with your design and innovation
Differentiate your business with leading technology
Ensure your competitors don’t get a foot in the door
 Benefit from high profit margins
 Build long term relationships and win maintenance contracts

View the Gallery

Get your creative juices flowing with a visit to the gallery to explore our previous projects.